The Breakout Podcast Episode 03

The Breakout with DJ Fett

Episode 3


The Breakout Podcast with DJ FettThis is part of a mix I recorded a few years ago, back in the days when I was on pirate radio. Strictly vinyl tunes for this mix so they might be hard to get hold of now.

Get ready for the booty shaking bootlegs and the mad Old Skool / Nu Skool mashups.

Its what I call Nu Skool / Old Skool / Nu Skool Breaks, download or hit play and you will see what I mean.

DJ Fett – The Breakout Podcast 03

Tracklist for The Breakout 03


1. Cut n Run – Pacific Breaks

2. The Slag Bros – Sweet Harmony

3. Counterfeit Beatz – Block Rockin Breaks

4. Cut n Run – Shiny Disco Balls

5. Crisp Biscuit – Move It

6. (White Label) Insomnia

7. Cut n Run – No Good

8. Ratpack – Searchin For My Rizla

9. The 80s

10. Mashed Up Hardcore Warrior 2


DJ set mixed live by DJ Fett,
The Breakout Podcast

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