The Breakout Podcast Episode 04

The Breakout with DJ Fett

Episode 4

The Breakout Podcast with DJ Fett

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Breakout with DJ Fett.

Another Breaks, Electro mix to keep you dancing.


Listen or download this heavy Breaks / Electro set. As always the tracklist is below so if you want to get the tunes for your own DJ sets or just check out the artists other releases, just click the track name.

DJ Fett – The Breakout Podcast 04

Tracklist for The Breakout 04


1. Cut n Run – Simon Says
2. Distortion – Cyber Warfare
3. Baymont Bros – We Have Some Fun
4. Cut n Run – We Ran The Day
5. Tony Anthem – Time (Atomic Drop)
6. Home Alone vs YREANE Low Freq
7. Save The Rave – Feel Alright
8. Wardian – Supervista
9. The Amatol – Punks Drink Champagne
10. A Skills & Beardyman – Happiness


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